Christian Wedding

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We all know how gorgeous Christian weddings are whether in movies or in reality. And even if you’re not a Christian bride, you will still want to be your Christian bride-to-be or groom-to-be best friend’s bridesmaid or bestman to wear that outfit.

So, it all begins with the Pre-Wedding Ceremony Events:
• Wedding Party Pictures
• Wedding Party Dressed and Ready
• Prelude- Any musical preludes or solos prior to the start of the ceremony.
• Lighting of the Candles
The Wedding Ceremony
• Seating of the Parents
• Bridal Processional Begins
- This is where the real excitement begins where the Minister and Groom enter followed by the Groomsmen escorting the Bridesmaids down the aisle to the altar.
- The Maid of Honor escorted by the Best Man enter.
- The Flower Girl and Ring Bearer enter.
• All Eyes on her
- The Bride and her father enter.
• The Call to Worship
• The Opening Prayer
• Giving Away of the Bride
• Worship Song, Hymn or Solo
• The Pledge
• Wedding Vows
• Exchanging of the Rings
• Lighting of the Unity Candle
• The Pronouncement
• Communion
- Many times couples will incorporate Communion into the wedding ceremony, making Communion their very first act as a married couple.
- The Closing Prayer
- The Kiss