Hindu Wedding

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Whether you wish to do a Vivaah Sanskar, Kalyanam or Madhuve, we are going to be with you on your every step. Hindu wedding ceremonies are full of colors and the celebrations that may extend up to days.

Hindu Weddings include Pre wedding Functions and Ceremonies such as:

  • Engagement - the rings exchange ceremony where with 2 rings, 2 hearts are exchanged
  • Sangeet – this Ceremony which will set the stage on fire with the dance performances performed by the grooms and brides side
  • Baraat – the groom and his party takes his proposal/ baraat with band baaja, shehnai & thumke to the groom and her party
  • Jai Mala - the exchange of garlands takes place here. The significance of this var mala is that of the bride accepting the groom as her suitor. And just as the thread never leaves the flowers that symbolize beauty and excitement, the couple also vows to never leave each other through the highs and lows of life.
  • Reception – Food and Drinks are served
  • Mangal Pheras & Saptapadi – This is a marriage knot symbolized by tying one end of the grooms scarf with the brides dress. Next the couple take seven steps representing nourishment, strength, prosperity, happiness, progeny, long life and harmony with understanding, respectively.
  • Sindoor / Mangal Sutra - At this time the Groom puts red powder "KUMKUM" in the Brides hair signifying their role as husband and wife. Then the groom will tie a "MANGAL SUTRA" or tali (a black beaded necklace) around the brides neck as a symbol of abiding love, integrity and devotion to each other.
  • Panigrahana - voluntarily holding hand near the fire to signify union
  • Kanyadaan - giving away of daughter by the father
  • Bidaai - The day concludes with the bride leaving her family and joining her husband as they begin a new life together. This departure is a very emotional moment for the bride and her family as it represents the Bride's transition into a new family. A prayer to God culminates the ceremonial process begging for love and happiness for the couple.
  • Honeymoon - We bet you know this ceremony!